Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete - NaturalPolished concrete is the most durable, low-maintenance flooring option available. Polishing concrete involves diamond grinding machinery using various grit diamonds to ultimately close the pore space of the concrete, producing a natural shine. A chemical densifier can be used to increase the hardness of the concrete while acetone-based dyes can be applied to color the floor. Polished concrete does not make use of sealers and will not require a waxing regimen. Polished concrete floors are scratch and skid resistant.

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Epoxy Broadcast Flooring

Epoxy Broadcast Flooring - Mocha

Epoxy Broadcast Flooring provides highly durable, variable colored, seamless flooring with added texture for increased traction. Epoxy Broadcast Flooring is the ideal option for areas where increased traction is needed, such as garages, kitchens, and restrooms. ACC makes use of diamond grinding surface preparation, two (2) coats of commercial grade, UV-resistant, 100% solids epoxies, full saturation of broadcast material, and a final Polyaspartic top coat to create seamless floors that provide superior traction control, are stain resistant, and will not peel up.

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Color Enhanced Epoxy

Color Enhanced Epoxy - Titanium Matte Finish

Color Enhanced Epoxy is ideal for situations where blemishes in the concrete need to be covered. Color Enhanced Epoxy makes use of powdered colorants added to epoxy coatings which migrate as they settle out, creating a mottled appearance. These non-transparent, dynamically colored floors are unlike any you have ever seen.

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Stained & Sealed Concrete

Stained & Sealed - Black & Tan with Scored Lines

One of the most dynamic flooring options you’ll ever see is stained concrete. Stained concrete brings out the natural characteristics of the concrete (much like staining wood), creating a truly unique floor. Already popular with restaurant and loft owners, stained concrete is making a comeback as the premiere design choice in basements, grocery stores, institutional facilities, and schools, among others. A number of options are available regarding color and finish.

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