Color Enhanced Epoxy Flooring

Color Enhanced Epoxy FlooringFor companies looking to improve the function and appearance of their floors, color enhanced epoxy in an excellent choice. This type of flooring uses powdered colorants that create a speckled pattern as they settle. The result is a beautiful and unique design. When looking for epoxy flooring contractors you can count on Advanced Concrete Coatings for the best products and service.

The advantages of color enhanced epoxy for commercial flooring

In addition to enhancing how a floor looks, color enhanced epoxy also provides other benefits. The coating makes a floor more durable and able to withstand things like harsh chemicals. It also provides friction to help eliminate slips and falls.

Industries that can benefit from epoxy flooring contractors


Hotels get a lot of foot traffic, so their flooring has to hold up. Carpeting isn’t a great choice because it can wear out quickly. This is why many hotels now opt for concrete flooring augmented with color enhanced epoxy.

Medical facilities

Not only does the flooring in a hospital or clinic have to be durable, it needs to be safe. Epoxy flooring holds up to all sorts of wear and tear and whatever may come into contact with it.

Warehouses and factories

Floors in industrial businesses can get pretty beaten up, which is why epoxy is a great option. In addition to traffic from people, machinery, and vehicles, these floors could be subject to chemicals and other materials. Color enhanced epoxy will ensure floors have a long lifespan.

Car showrooms

Gorgeous flooring in a car showroom can immediately create a great impression with potential customers. Because epoxy is available in several different colors and designs, it will add an element to augment the vehicles.

Transform your business with color enhanced epoxy floors

To learn more about color enhanced epoxy, get in touch with Advanced Concrete Coatings. One of our pros will talk to you about your options and give you a free quote. For ideas, you can take a look at our gallery. When it comes to epoxy flooring contractors we are the experts.

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