Concrete Polishing Contractors

Polished ConcreteLet’s not kid ourselves: maintaining a commercial floor covering costs a lot and isn’t much fun. Polished concrete is becoming the new go-to option for business and building owners looking for something better. Advanced Concrete Coatings are the concrete polishing contractors who can show you better floors, better service, and better results.

 Why Polished Concrete?

 Polished concrete has several advantages that put it ahead of comparable flooring options. For example, below are just a few advantages.

  • Economical: The typical commercial building is built on a concrete slab. This is a ready-made flooring option; therefore, all it needs is some aesthetic improvement!
  • LowMaintenance: These floors don’t need to be regularly waxed or re-coated and are easy to clean.
  • Sanitary: Concrete floors are less susceptible to mold, mites, and other allergens and pathogens.
  • Options Available: Polished concrete floors will take a wide variety of stains, dyes, and aggregates for beautiful color options.

What’s the Process?

The beauty of creating a polished concrete floor is in the relative simplicity of the process. Cosmetic applications can add steps, and expert technique makes a big difference, but the process is basically the same.

  1. We’ll remove any previous coatings using ultra-low-grit abrasives and use epoxy filler to seal joints in the concrete.
  2. Coarse-Grit Grinding. To smooth the floor prior to polishing, we use several passes with coarse-grit diamond sanding disks.
  3. Hardening. We add a chemical densifier to your concrete. This liquid hardens the concrete to help prevent dusting while improving durability.
  4. Smooth-Grit Grinding. To get the super-smooth look of polished concrete, we use high-grit (1,500 – 3,000) diamond disks to finish your floor.

Concrete Network provides a more in-depth look at the steps in the concrete polishing process. These techniques may be simple, but they’re not easy. So, you need qualified professionals like Advanced Concrete Coatings – the concrete polishing contractors the Southeast trusts.

Professional Concrete Polishing Contractors 

 Advanced Concrete Coatings specializes in creating the most beautiful and functional concrete floors in Raleigh and throughout the Southeastern states. We offer:

  • A staff of full-time professional expert installers
  • Quick and punctual service that respects your time and your business
  • A wide range of head-turning aesthetic options for your floor
  • Turn-key quotes for complete flooring solutions.

Need concrete polishing contractors you can trust to do the job right, and at the right price? Then, call Advanced Concrete Coatings at 919-610-1231 or use our form to request a quote.



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