Stained and Sealed Concrete

Stained and Sealed ConcreteWhen it comes to the floors of a business, there are two main things to focus on. First, they need to look good; customers will always notice old-looking or shabby floors. Second, they have to stand up to whatever comes into contact with them. This is why many businesses look for concrete staining companies in order to improve their floors.

The advantages of stained and sealed concrete


There are numerous color and design options with stained concrete floors. In addition, they can look like they are made of other materials, including sandstone, slate, or even marble.


Businesses that get a lot of foot traffic have to ensure their floors can hold up. Stained and sealed concrete is very strong. Plus, it will not buckle or flake and the stain won’t peel or chip.

Little maintenance

There are very few requirements to maintain stained and sealed concrete floors. All it takes is periodic sweeping and mopping.

Resistance to water

If water or other fluids will come into contact with flooring, stained and sealed concrete is ideal. They will never warp, discolor, or grow any mildew if they come into contact with any moisture.

Improved air quality

Unlike fabric materials – such as carpet – sealed concrete will not allow for the buildup of unwanted elements. This type of flooring is impervious to mold, dust mites, dampness, and odors.

Industries that can benefit from concrete staining companies

A variety of businesses now recognize what stained and sealed concrete offers, including:


In addition to getting a lot of wear, restaurant floors are always subjected to spills. Sealed concrete floors make clean up quick and easy.

Grocery stores

The flooring in grocery stores constantly takes a pounding. Feet, carts, and equipment do a number on floors. Plus, whether it is food, chemicals, or something else, there is the possibility of something spilling.


Not only do floors in school have to stand up to a lot of traffic, they have to be safe. Because concrete has a lot of friction, it can help stop slips.

Think of Advanced Concrete Coatings when looking for stained and Sealed Concrete

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